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Duncan Customer Care Services (DCCS) is a consultant firm focused on
serving Contact Centre operations to fully realize their strategic goals.

About Us

Duncan Customer Care Services (DCCS) is a consultant firm focused on assisting Customer Care operations to fully realize their strategic goals. With a core team of experienced business professionals bringing expertise in Business Process Outsourced Customer Service Operations, and an extended team of specialists in service support operations, DCCS is uniquely positioned to offer practical and effective solutions for measurable service delivery improvements, business expansion, and quality customer care.

DCCS offers a suite of practical services from which our partners can choose per their critical needs.

DCCS also provides facilitation services in the following:

With an expert team of consultants, we work to allow our partner customer care professionals and organizations to better focus their limited resources on providing quality service delivery in the now.

Our Services

Project Implementation Management

With the introduction of new lines of business comes a need for intense focus, due diligence, and attention to detail that may be lost while resources are focused on the tactical delivery of current programs. Duncan Customer Care Services provides a team of experts to project manage new business roll-out with a comprehensive, collaborative and customizable project plan with budget forecasts, timelines and debrief reports.


Business Relationship Management through the Program Life Cycle

With our extensive experience in client relationship management, DCCS offers on-going Account and Vendor Management advisory services through the life of the program. Corporate clientele expect a dedicated resource for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly program performance reviews. Duncan Customer Care Services will assist the primary Point of Contact account director with our skills in fostering and growing the business relationship through the following:

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Every service delivery organization’s strategic plan should include continuous improvement and development goals to grow and retain expertise, to find and address process or organizational gaps, to strive for the corporate vision and to ultimately offer a more effective, efficient and profitable operation. Duncan Customer Care Services brings together its network of skilled specialists to provide the following suite of services.

Our Team

Kelly Hollihan

With experience in BPO Account and Operations Management, I can design and deliver a strategic global Quality Plan and value proposition that encompasses skill and performance development, effective and efficient service for internal and external customers, quality care and brand loyalty, continuous improvement initiatives, and cost-effective Employer of Choice measures to attract and retain talent that strives to build a high-functioning team of professionals in the customer care world.

As a program and people leader, I have demonstrated strengths in developing and fostering partnerships with focus on delivering quality performance results through employing proven best practice. Under my guidance and leadership, my recent teams operated as key contributors to JD Power & Associates, Ottawa Regional Contact Centre Association (ORCCA) and SQM Group awards.

A resident of the Ottawa Valley, I have been operating as a management consultant with Duncan Customer Care Services and most recently as a founding member of a team of consultants for the web portal Customer SAVVY. Through this operation, we provide training and instructional design, customer satisfaction and voice of the customer analytics, strategic planning and consulting for the ideal customer experience in a variety of business-to-customer fields including hospitality, retail, support, healthcare, and business administration.

In one project, I was tasked with overseeing the operation of a multi-site customer care and technical support program in Atlantic Canada. My mandate included the development of the leadership training program for the Operations Management team in these five centers in three provinces — with a team of direct reports including the Center Managers, Training and Quality Manager, and Workforce Management. I was also responsible for the redesign and rebuild of the new-hire Training program and Tier 2 support programs.

In recent years, I assisted the North Renfrew Family Health Team in their efforts to design effective work flow process inspired by PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act), to build exemplary and professional patient care and support skills, to re-organize and de-clutter through standard 5 S practices (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain) for improved efficiencies, and to sculpt an ideal patient journey with specific and measurable performance goals. Together, we have developed an online, self-paced learning program and orientation manual; and we have created a library of resources with documented process, procedures and quality measures.

I bring to the table the vision for an exemplary customer experience, and the capacity to assuredly guide the operation to its next stage of evolution. I have a great passion for continuous personal and professional growth; and I offer a tailored series of experiential learning opportunities for customer-facing teams, designed to enhance the support experience through developing a healthy, respectful, and goal-driven work environment. My leadership style has been greatly influenced by learning opportunities with COPC, SwitchGear Consulting, the Ontario Hospital Association Governance Centre of Excellence, and Six Sigma.

Believing deeply in giving back to the community through volunteerism, I currently sit as Past Chair in my ninth and final year on the Board of Directors for the Pembroke Regional Hospital.

I am motivated by the challenges of developing projects and the creativity required in a growing team. A capable learner who takes initiative, I have proven flexibility and adaptability in a dynamic environment.

Ron Duncan

In my career I have been fortunate to be a member of industry leaders such as Dell, Microsoft, Compaq, and Intuit. The experience I have gained by working within these organizations has been very rewarding. Through practical work and education campaigns, I have developed the skills required to support our partners’ contact center performance goals.

In corporate Contact Center operations management, my duties and responsibilities have included interviewing and hiring, workforce management, performance assessment and quality assurance, leadership and supervision, coaching and mentoring, instructional design, and training delivery. I bring with me years of hands-on leadership, starting with people engagement ‘in the business and in the now’, and derived from models such as Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs and adult learning principles in competency models. I offer Human Resources and People Management expertise, beginning with recruitment profiling and a skills-based job description, benchmarking and building performance assessment, designing skill development and career-pathing models, establishing SMART goals and personal action plans, and career counseling to build the effective ‘bench strength’ within the operation for expertise retention and to allow for succession planning.

In this competitive marketplace, we strive to build quality work environments to position ourselves as the Employer of Choice. It is my belief that this can be accomplished through a productive, mission-based workplace, employee motivation, recognition and reward, as well as effective people management. With decades of valuable experience, I bring skill, maturity, and professionalism to any team.

I am a dual citizen of Canada and the United States.


"We are inclined, for whatever reason, to treat values like works of art. We view them as nice to hang on the wall, and beautiful to look at, but we don't act as though they truly mean much to us in the real world. In fact, the opposite is true. The best organizations understand their values, articulate them clearly, and hold them higher than any short-term concerns or short-cut methods. This does not put these companies at a competitive disadvantage. It is the source of their competitive advantage." -- David S Cohen, Inside the Box

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